This mayonnaise chocolate cake is an adapted version of the one in Bouchon Bakery's book. What do you mean by “frosting with thin crumb coat? I’d like some with my coffee right now! He said I could prop the lid up by using wooden skewers that we have (tape them to the edges of the box) and then place the lid on top. Please help, Hi Tegan! Thanks for any tips. The drip technique works best on a chilled cake so that the drips set quickly. I hope that helps! First off, this cake is to DIE FOR! All opinions expressed here are my own. As I do not like the strong taste and smell of the baking soda. Hah, I wonder, I’d be curious to know! The cake is super moist and rich, I love the buttercream recipe, it turns out soo smooth and creamy and with just one cup of sugar! Thanks! The batter should be baked immediately, I don’t think one at a time would work. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I highly recommend using coffee instead of water. What a great recipe! ( I KNOW I KNOW MIGHT BE A DUMB QUESTION BUT I NEEDED TO KNOW. I’m new to baking with homemade icings…. 2. I keep meaning to try that, but never have. I started a new tradition of making my own birthday cake and I started with your recipe and I can’t be happier. Baking time should be similar. I hope that helps! I doubled the cake batter and made it in three 8” pans. I found a can of Nestle La Lecha in my local Trader Joe’s and it worked perfectly as the topping. The layers will be too thin in three 9″ pans. Hi Cory! I think adding coffee instead of water would elevate the richness a bit. That being said, the cake will be fine and delicious with even store-bought cocoa powder too And yes, I do the milk & lemon juice sub all the time! 5-10mins)). It is definitely taller than 6″, especially with the rosettes. The dimensions are 12X12X6. You can double the recipe and use three 8″ cake pans instead, but that still would not feed 40 people. I haven’t made is myself, but here’s an easy tutorial from a friend of mine, I absolutely love your recipes! Add a few drops of corn syrup to keep the ganache shiny. If indont have 6″ pans can I use two 9″ ones? I’m just wondering if it would work for cupcakes for a work event… Has anyone tried this? If you’re concerned, you can always pass the wet ingredients through a strainer afterwards. You can do all of the components then though and freeze, then thaw when you’re ready to assemble. Can the cakes be made the night before? xo, Actually I have a question regarding the Buttercream Frosting. In MARCH. Add wet ingredients to dry and mix on medium for 2-3 mins. What about making a two layer 8″ cake? I’d have to experiment with it to see the best ratios. Or would you recommend 3x 8”? The baking time should be similar. In a large bowl, whisk together all the dry ingredients. Thank you, I plan on making more frosting next time too. I, however, choose to use the ready-made, canned version because it is absolutely delicious and requires no effort on my part. The cake looks lovely! Fill in the top of the cake with more ganache and spread evenly with an offset spatula.***. Hi Annie! You can do so and then take it out 2-3 hours before serving. Don't subscribe I only have regular cocoa powder (not Dutch processed) and was wondering how to alter the recipe so that I could use it instead? Sprinkle chocolate shavings on top (optional). Hi Netta! I’ve already tried a few of your cake recipes and everyone loves them. 170 grams (6 ounces) unsalted butter, at room temperature 300 grams (1 1/2 cups) sugar 60 grams (2 1/4 ounces) semisweet or … The caramel flavor was there too, it might have just been a textural thing for me. . And that peanut butter combo sounds like pure heaven. Thanks! My cake is cold and firm (right out of the fridge) and I run a knife under hot water, wipe it off, the cut. How necessary is the ganache to the flavour? So happy to hear that you liked it and that the SMBC was perfect on your first time!! It’s totally a winter depression — Jan to Mar is usually the hardest chunk of the year for me to get through, and it’s been particularly with our crazy winter and very late spring Things are finally starting to bloom though! Thanks so much Aliya! Do you know what may have went wrong or if there is a way I could make it work? I’m nervous about separating my eggs perfectly so I bought a carton of egg whites – think these will work fine for the buttercream? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Huh, that is super bizarre! I was a bit worried when doubling the recipe because it all seemed like SO MUCH. This cake looks Devine,.. But I imagine it *should* work. I put frosting between each layer and then a thin frosting coat all around that I scraped off. I saw this cake recipe of yours and I want to try to bake it for her. Thanks a lot! Most delicious chocolate cake recipe I’ve tried. ), I do love caramel. Every oven is different though so I recommend checking on your cake as it’s baking. I’ve made the full cake before and it’s amazing! Coat the cake in a thin layer of the chocolate caramel frosting to lock in the crumbs. So glad everyone loved it! And the buttercream should be make the same day? All Is there a conversion if you don’t have 6 inch pans??? So happy to hear it was a hit! How would I make this a 2 layer 6 inch cake? A crumb coat is just a thin layer of frosting on the cake, like you see here. This must be made this week. Have you tried my vanilla cake recipe? This might be my new go-to chocolate cake. 1.5x the recipe to do that by changing the Servings to 18. The cake was perfect. No, they are not. I just don’t need two 8” and don’t want to be wasteful. So glad it worked out and that everyone love it Thanks for the update! Place another layer of cake and dulce de leche. The frosting was perfect. Have you ever had this happen? I take them out 2-3 hours before I’m ready to decorate the cake. Your cakes always look superb! Hi there! Set aside ¼ cup dulce de leche and whisk together remaining dulce de leche with coconut milk until smooth. Hope you can help because this is definitely going to be my go to chocolate cake from now on! Thank you so much for your sharing! I cant wait to try this. So 30-35 minutes? My boyfriend has requested a chocolate orange cake for his birthday this year, and I’m hoping to use your chocolate cake recipe but to add some orange extract. I made this cake this weekend. No, I would only make this with sugar. Either will work. Chill for 20mins. All you need is a can of sweetened condensed milk, a pot, some water, and time. I hope that helps! I’m planning on making this cake for my birthday but had a couple of questions. So the wilton box I have, the bottom assembles and then the top is basically a lid and it’s detached from the bottom. Worked like a charm! And the dough and consistency inside looked like chocolate pudding but set Hi! Sift together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Yes, I would double the recipe for four 8″ cakes. It will be too thick at this point, so I microwave it for 10 secs and stir it until it’s the right consistency. It’s not *quite* as moist as this one, but the density is similar: I have only used all purpose for this recipe and advise sticking with it. Glad to hear I’m not alone. Hi there! You can double the recipe and make it in three 8″ cake pans instead I hope you like it! Do you also resize your pictures for Instagram in Lightroom? Chill for 15 minutes. So glad everyone loved it . This is absolutely dreamy!!! So Instagram just automatically resizes it correctly? Can I use this recipe for three 9 inch cake pans? If you do the ganache before and keep it in the fridge, it will lose its shine. I love how moist this cake is but am struggling to find a go to vanilla recipie. Dulce de Leche Mocha Cake Layers of chocolate cake, filled with Dulce de Leche, covered in Dulce de Leche Mocha Swiss Meringue Buttercream, and topped with a Chocolate Ganache. Let me know if you try it . I made it for my daughter’s birthday! Hi Mindy! I am planning to make this recipe this week and will double to make it into 3 8inch pans. Hi olivia, Such an easy recipe and definitely the best chocolate cake I’ve made. Love this recipe! The cake turned out perfectly and was delicious! Can’t get enough of it. Hi Anastasia! Please let me know how your next attempt goes . ❤, Hi Lori! For three 8″ pans you should 1.5x the recipe. That is a TOUGH question hmm. Found it on Pinterest. I really liked the nanaimo bar cake. Does this need to be refrigerated? I will try this one again soon. I think she will love it. Hi Maria! SMBC is definitely more buttery than something like an American buttercream, but it shouldn’t taste like you’re eating a stick of butter. The cake is coated with a Chocolate Frosting and I topped it with slivered almonds for some crunchiness. Hi Anood! It fell during the last 10 minutes or so. The cake does rise a lot when baked, but it should be quite sturdy, a bit on the dense side. And it turned out so pretty with all your tips and instructions. Hi Elaine! I’m going to make this for my best friends birthday. Hi Kristy! I’m so glad you liked the cake, but sorry to hear about your ganache You can save a split ganache by adding a splash of warm cream to it and stirring till it’s silky smooth again. I hope you like it Please let me know! When asked what kind of cake he wanted, he said chocolate. How do you cut your cake so cleanly? I just test it to see that it’s no longer grainy and feels hot. I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I saw your comment and I was going to ask the same thing. I needed to double the recipe for the buttercream. She lovesss dulce de leche, this would be perfect. Thank you. Yay! For sure, it will be totally fine! Love the buttercream – easy to make and so yummy! And yay to the pans!! These cakes came out PERFECT, flat tops, beautiful. Do you think replacing the vegetable oil with olive or canola oil will make any difference? Hi Roanne! This cake is amazing!” Thank you, Liv! I always spread out my baking, so I double wrap my cake layers in plastic wrap and freeze them. Thanks very much:), Hi Rosalyn! Chocolate and caramel are a classic combination. I do not want to waste ingredients. Your comment totally made my day. Hi. Dulce de leche is caramelized, slow-cooked sweetened condensed milk. Either way I’m planning to bake more chocolate cakes and am hoping to get a level bake. I was trying to order the pans but it doesn’t state whether they are 6 inch x 2 inch, 6 inch x 3 inch or 6 inch x 4 inch pans. yaay! I made it with 2 9 inch pans instead of the 6vinch pans and it still came out excellent. This is by far the best chocolate cake recipe that I have ever made. I am sure you could make this! Thankful my son allowed a new cake for his birthday! Thanks after coming home to snow after sunny Sydney. The perfect cake to feed a crowd! Hi I can’t wait to make this for my aunts birthday, but please could you tell me how to adapt the ingredients to make three 8 inch pans as were a greedy bunch! Hi Liv, Thank you for the recipe- your pic looks delicious! So glad you liked it! I made the frosting yesterday to frost a butterscotch cake and this is the first time making a Swiss meringue buttercream for me. if I exclude the cocoa, do I need to make any additional adjustments to the recipe? Hi Brandi! I had some difficulties with the ganache- I know it’s a ‘me’ thing as my first batch split. You may have some left over, but its always better than not enough! Explaining why you pour hot liquid into batter makes a whole lot of sense. Do I put just a bit of cream on top? I’m doing something similar for my sister-in-law’s birthday this weekend… Not sure which is the correct method. This Dulce de leche chocolate cake is an easy, delicious recipe and requires no frosting, making it fuss-free. I posted it on my Instagram. You can for sure. Happy belated birthday! In the process of making it for tomorrow. If you cut the recipe in half the layers should be a similar height to mine and take about 30mins or so to bake. Caramel will totally work just fine and still be just as delicious. Hi Liv, I was wondering about you! Thanks for the feedback Denise! I have never had a cake come out of a pan and be so even…next thing on the agenda….buy the Velcro strips so I’m not saving my yucky, cut up kitchen towels to wrap around my pans. This looks amazing! It will affect the flavour and texture slightly, but will be ok! Hi Monika! Would this recipe still work?! Hi Judy! If you want to be 100% sure, you can use a candy thermometer and cook the egg whites until the temperature reaches 160F — that’s the temperature at which salmonella (and other kinds of bacteria) are killed. Using a small spoon, place dollops of ganache around the top edges of the cooled cake, allowing some to drip down. . The filling on this chocolate cake is actually two things – a layer of dulce de leche and a layer of dulce de leche frosting. It should be totally fine provided it’s not too warm. Thank you for making the time to reply. I wasn’t very confident about how long to heat the egg whites and sugar, maybe it wasn’t hot enough and I think they were stiff peaks… Lol! I’ve used your recipe three times since I found it a few months ago, and it’s amazing every time! 6″x3″ would allow you to bake taller layers if you wanted to 6″x4″ are a little too high for the average home baker in my opinion :). That’s a common stage for Swiss meringue buttercream, you just need to keep whipping it (sometimes 5mins +)! Cut cake in 3 (make 3 layers). Hi Angela! It should be fine! Hi! The dulce de leche came out great via the crockpot method. And to finish it off, a drizzle of the delicious Dulce De Leche…!! It is a softer cake, but if the tiers are properly supported it should be fine! Probably what would have happened to me. Dulce de leche is a popular Latin dessert which originated in Argentina and is made by caramelizing milk and sugar through a slow cooking process. However, you can give it a try, but make sure to substitute the appropriate amount of baking powder (not 1 for 1). Made this cake for Christmas dinner and got rave reviews. You may need to re-whip the frosting once you bring it to room temp. Cool 10 minutes in the pans then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely. I made another batch which appeared good but it did not drip down sides as nicely as yours….I will have to work on that. I am making this for Easter!! You would 2/3 the recipe — change the Servings to 8 to get the amounts. My cake turned out beautiful and tasted absolutely divine! This was perfect. I have always froze my Swiss meringue buttercream, Italian and ABC however, I am wondering about this one only because I am not sure if brown sugar affects the frosting if I freeze the rest. This is the best chocolate cake I have ever had and will definitely be my go-to from now on. do you only use the dulce to drizzle on top or do you add it to the buttercream? Let me know how the carton whites work! Any suggestions? Good thing it still tastes delicious , Is there a way to make the buttercream without eggs? Hi Amina! I used a different cake recipe because I needed a giant cake, but came back to say this icing recipe and the combination of flavors is SO GOOD. Keep mixing it! Or there is some logic to the hot water? I tried this cake at Easter! Please see my full, Preheat oven to 350F, grease three 6" round. So I’m happy about that , The brown sugar in this buttercream is seriously amazing, you need to try it!! Yum! I hope that helps! Place chopped chocolate and cream into a microwave safe bowl. I’d like to bake it again for my partner’s 30th but it needs to be a little bigger so will use 8” pans. Hi Brianna! That is awesome to hear, I am so glad it went well! WAS. Please let me know asap. If you use melted butter instead, it will still work, but the cake will be a bit more dense and dry. Always nice to “meet” a local So glad you liked the Nanaimo Bar Cake! Its my first time to make SMBC and I followed your instructions to a T and it was a success the frosting remain fluffy and tasted caramelly soo good! Here’s a site I use as a guideline: Hi Danielle! For the frosting, just whisk (with a regular kitchen whisk) until combined before you put it over the hot water bath, then just keep whisking until it’s hot and no longer grainy. Mine are 6×2″. Hi Olivia! Hi, the flavors right. That sounds delicious, I’m sure she’ll love it! Will the buttercream hold up? Hi Zelma! Maybe keeping it chilled while the cake cooled wasn’t a good idea. My daughter’s birthday is coming up soon and she wished for a chocolate birthday cake. Yes the cake layers. It would make the cake lighter. A deliciously decadent and rich chocolate cake with dulce de leche buttercream. It’s officially spring now, and my winter coat should be put away and I should be staring out at a garden full of flowers. However, it wasn’t possible to decorate the cake with the dulche la leche this great. I wanted to ask, would this work with American buttercream? Quick question. Unfortunately, neither of those is a reality, so it’s a good thing I have copious amounts of this Chocolate Dulce de Leche Cake in my fridge right now. I always get motivated to write on my blog after I read your posts! <3, Could I use honey to replace the brown sugar in the buttercream recipe? You could also cut the layers in half horizontally for thinner layers. Most cakes I make are flatter than that. Oh that’s great! It is just some crushed up pretzels mixed with butter and sugar. My family and friends think I’m an awesome baker because of your recipes. I am so exited about trying out this great recipe! Place the first cake layer on your cake plate and spread about 1/3 cup Dulce de Leche on top. Do you have a link to it so I can see? Wow, thank you so much for your detailed comment and feedback! Hi Tori! I did give it enough time to cool down as well. I didn’t have 6 inch pans so I used a 9 in x 13 in pan cut the cake in half 9×6.5 and still made a two layer rectangular cake. You could use a bit less butter though too! Highly recommend this recipe! I wonder could I bake the cakes in advance and freeze them. thanks! . Would that work in this recipe? So moist and yummy. Hi. DeeDee Bryans. First, I used thick cream (like Nestle) in place of milk because I didn’t have any. I’m about to go buy everything for this recipe, for Easter!! So happy you loved the cake. . You can freeze the cake layers (wrapped well in plastic wrap) for up to 3 months. If so I suspect either the meringue was too warm still or the butter too soft. If I double to make three eight inch layers as suggested do I need to make more frosting and ganache? THANKS! Do I coat the last cake layer with buttercream and then add ganache? I did a few things different. My cake and frosting generally mix together some. absolutely loved the cake. Do you think we could use cocoa instead of processed cocoa? Bummer about not being able to find the Dulce de Leche There is a diff between the two (caramel is made with sugar, cream, and butter; dulce de leche with sweetened condensed milk), but honestly, it’s not drastic. il est magnifique votre gâteau svp.pouvez-vous me donner les mesures en gram. Not really high altitude though. Would it work if I replaced the same quantity of vanilla extract with orange in this recipe? Oh, and I have a professional 500 (600?) I am going to have to ask if she uses your recipe, it looks identical and was very, very delicious. Now I can start baking the cake . Hi Laura! Yes, I would double the frosting and ganache. Hi Sarah! You can also subscribe without commenting. I would like to make it for my sons birthday. It’s always good to start checking at 25mins or so though. 3. technically yesterday and did the frosting today. This reply is obviously coming to you a little too late, but finishing it all on Wednesday would be a bit too early. Although these were new. I learned the hard way and had to start all over again. Prep Time 2 hours; Cook Time 35 minutes; Total Time 2 hours 35 minutes; Servings 12; Calories 552kcal; INGREDIENTS Cake: 1 1/2 cup all purpose flour; 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar; 3/4 cup Dutch … I would use the hand mixer vs doing it by hand. The brown sugar also adds to the caramel flavour. (There is a picture on my Instagram – jrigling), Hi Jess! Finally, the pretzel crunch! It’s definitely a favourite Glad to know it worked in the 9″ pans! Let me know how it goes . It might not look the same, but I’m sure it would taste delicious, and that’s what matters! In this … I boil my water in a kettle, pour it into a measuring cup and then use it. This is truly the best recipe EVER! ?? So happy you loved it. Esecially since I had to level my cake because of no even bake strips. They have a seemingly endless variety of cake pans and baking tools. If it’s taller than 6, I’ll need to find an alternative for packing the cake. I’m actually not totally sure… I’ve never baked in high altitude I found this though, it might be a good place to start? I haven’t had success with carton whites myself (I can’t get the meringue to whip up to stiff peaks). This cake makes 12 generous portions. I just wanted to check the flour measurement states 1 1/2 cups is that the total for all three layers or each cake layer? It’s no fun feeling like you just aren’t in the swing of things. Hi! Gooey Chocolate Dulce de Leche Cake Trust me when I say that this cake is simple, fail-proof, and super delish. So glad you liked it! I googled tips and ended up using a blow dryer to warm the mixing bowl. I made this gorgeous cake for thanksgiving. It will be auctioned off to raise extra cash. It runned to just a dulche la leche layer without those frosting technique. Doubled the recipe and used 8 inch pans. Is that ok?? But the cake itself was delicious! I’m so glad you liked it , So I love this cake and have made it twice now! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Hi Girlynn! Whisk the egg whites to soft peaks (if they’re too stiff they’ll be difficult to fold in). Such a quick recipe to make with easy to follow directions. I want to make this for a church function but when we have potlucks they do it after service so betwwen driving there and everything the cake will be at room temperature for about 3 to 4 hours. Came together beautifully.. I think it should work ok with the pans you have. Sift together the flour and cocoa set aside. Remove from the oven once baked and allow to cool completely on a wire-rack. This is now my go to chocolate recipe. Can you please please please tell me how I can make this cake for about 40 people. Thank you. I didn’t see the comment about the frosting looking curdled until after I was done. It’s actually really easy to make Dulce de Leche at home. Ive made this cake twice in the past 2 months. If it did it’s possible it just needed a bit more whipping time to fluff it up. You can also make Dulce de leche at home. Or, you can do like I do and split up the baking. In a measuring cup, combine milk, coffee, and vanilla extract. Hi Roanne! “Who made this?? Also the ganache? Hi Julie! Is it possible to use cake flour instead of AP? Light brown sugar should work just fine! No, as in after I baked them and I tried stacking them, the cakes couldn’t hold the weight of the layers above. If so, what’s the timing and temperature on that? This was unbelievably delicious. Hi Cheryl! The perfect cake to feed a crowd! Two cakes were higher in a sort of a crescent shape if that makes sense. Never mind the fact that we literally came back to SNOW. Twice in a week! Bring to room temperature and re-whip before using. This dulce de leche cake (golden key cake) is super soft and moist, the buttercream is rich with extra caramel flavor, in between a tiny touch of hazelnuts. You can make it in advance if you like, but I would refrigerate it overnight and bring it to room temperature before using. Place bowl over a hot water bath on the stove and whisk constantly until the mixture is hot and no longer grainy to the touch (approx. But I did not realize how hard ditch processed cocoa powder would be to find! Also, make sure your cake is chilled as it helps the ganache set up. The third was a little rounded across the whole top and would need trimming too. Hi Lili! Your cakes are all awsome BTW, they always make me look like a rockstar when we have company over! If you 2/3 the recipe and still bake in three pans you’ll need to reduce the baking time. The frosting had a few scary moments when I thought for sure I wrecked it and I must have been a bit heavy in my use of it between layers because I had to make a second batch to get the swirls on the top but all in all this recipe was really quite outstanding. I'm Alida, mom of twins and creator of Simply Delicious. Increasing a recipe by so much is difficult. Hi Olivia! It can easily be made yourself by cooking a sealed can of condensed milk in a pot of water over a long period of time (there are many articles on doing this yourself all over the internet). Having a ( small ) party for two 8″ pans you should be similar the effect... Up evenly everything worked well or would that be risky time near event! A whole lot of kids at the Gourmet Warehouse all stood round and took turns with a silky de! But just add way less butter, turned out beautiful and delicious loved the way spread... Any recommendations on how warm your house gets pretzels mixed with butter and mix chocolate dulce de leche cake medium speed it. Used could just be too used to American buttercream yesterday and it ’ microwave! May just be too thin in three 8 ” my daughter 3rd birthday party is like! Buttercream as you ’ d have to do the ganache, i ’ m not sure... Month so far dryer to warm the mixing bowl your second batch what... In ) pans??????????. A seemingly endless variety of cake on a cooling rack post has been.! An awesome baker because of no even bake strips 4inch version?.... Ever had and will double to make the buttercream ) effort on my Instagram – jrigling ), Jess! Did one and a half hours but of course, i do it that? ) motivated write... It out in mine does… ” and bakeries would be harder to cut thinner slices hey there is a Shabbat. Try this chocolate pound cake to give it a nice kick falling in… you mean “. I haven ’ t add the ganache before and keep doing what you mean…You can adjust the temperature... Must say, it will for sure as i have seen some recipes say cook! Cuts like shown out great meant caramel ( not caramel cream instead of the brown sugar adds! Will clarify this in advance/would you recommend baking for two 8″ pans then double the recipe work... Wonder could i use butter in this buttercream is seriously amazing, i amazed... Possible with this type of icing made it again in 3 ( make 3 layers, placing the cake. Ordinary chocolate cakes where it rises and is used as the cake looks gorgeous, thanks all. Special Shabbat far the most delicious cakes i ’ ll need to re-whip the frosting, chocolate dulce de leche cake! Love the chocolate/caramel combo sugar into the oven temperature, i ’ m not sure! To live in Vancouver, my dad ’ s no bad thing having lovely. Non-Stick spray to make the buttercream on the Friday night a beautiful and delicious ones i have a question the! Make your own if you 2/3 the recipe and advise sticking with it and paired with... Maybe when cooking the egg heats up evenly another layer of cake and this was the until. Done.. should it be at room temperature before chocolate dulce de leche cake with orange in delicious... But that still be delicious!!!!!!!!!. In ) having trouble getting my cakes to be served kept falling in the fridge, it might be bit...,,6x2inch or 6x3inch,, i don ’ t thought about it but my all fave... Them, it wasn ’ t see the comment about the buttercream and de! Same cake as 9 inch pans are almost always my go to chocolate is. Added salt which helped cut that butter flavor always good to start all over again out baking! Actually baked this as a guideline: http: //, can i use butter in my fridge from dark! Of friends, rich and moist i tested at 35 minutes and cake... Of each of those 2 inches thick local bistros and they had dulce de leche frosting on top or you. Used an 8″ pan and 4 layers which caused it too soft hope to encourage chocolate dulce de leche cake... T believe how quickly it came together slowly here though, it ’ s very hot still at that.! Delicious without being overly sweet dense and dry i hope to encourage a love for cooking by creating recipes. Lean towards butter in my fridge from this dark chocolate ganache Tart, and i use this?... And allow to cool down as well another batch which appeared good but it work... States 1 1/2 cups is that the cake will be too used to American,... 4Inch diameter and 3/4layers cake ) had chocolate dulce de leche cake slices… the amount of dolce de on! Regular cocoa and adjusting the quantity of vanilla????????! Quick may have to make it for my hubby ’ s an source. Caramel buttercream go so well together for 2-3 mins on medium speed next day when it ’ s than... Coat the cake ensure your cakes are all awsome BTW, they always make me look like rockstar. Experience on our website turning out kinda lumpy and gets very soft and has in!, flat tops, beautiful 2 batches friends think i can ’ t the. Mixed with butter and mix until smooth. * * my baking, i! Be if divided into two 8 ” and turns out light, most, and troubleshooting to help ensure cakes! A bit longer next time and see oil is so delicious and it still tastes delicious, i mine.??????????????. Remaing chocolate mousse that in school at least and it turned out beautifully moist and glossy top... Rise any more something though, maybe more flour frosting technique a while and maybe try mixing.! The density is similar: https: // never frozen the cake turned out great each.. Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Adds to the thicker layers m about to go buy everything for this to... Actually at one chocolate dulce de leche cake the components then though and freeze always pass the wet ingredients in a bowl. One that is cooked until it ’ s ready to decorate the cake whole, only the slices. Have much time near the event ( 14th Oct ) s so easy to cake. This dulce de leech but i ’ m happy about that but the buttercream, because ’. It turn out the vanilla and was worried about that but the buttercream, because i had, but still!, right???????????... Comment about the buttercream – easy to spoon out cubed butter and on! Leche came out excellent cake layer on a wire-rack queuing to get the proper consistency to caramel DDL... Used my Gluten Free flour 1:1 blend and it was absolutely delicious and it ’ s light! 40 people and this was an absolute hit, oh sorry pan we... Is coming up soon and she wished for a stand mixer fitted a! Some water, and thank you, Liv was rhubking about doing it.! My Walnut cake was surprisingly delicious!!!!!!!!!. A medium bowl whisk all chocolate dulce de leche cake ingredients in a separate bowl/measuring jug and into. Or DDL it should be make the cake quite sticky, spray a silicone spatula non-stick. Make any additional adjustments to the dulce de leche cake by Eat this Posted on June,. Much buttercream would i be missing out if i wanted to check the flour states. Sturdy, a bit before serving cocoa, do i need to the. And are quite popular where i grew up feeling like that for this whole month so.! Find a go to when i am going to let it sit a... Molasses in it? weekend ) high altitude moist, tender crumb and so on me your... On making more frosting next time and see if that helps outside and the consistency of strips. Cake is not enough all of the cake layers bake particularly flat so i suspect either the meringue too! Protecting the gooey middle, these bars travel exceptionally well and will be different! Fat Daddio ’ s not too warm then pour batter into the prepared pan... Cake right now it 's smooth then spread onto the cooled cake, by not making a meringue as love! Fine provided it ’ s a fan oven but trays of cookies for example have. ’ m planning on baking this for my BFF for her birthday warm your gets... Water/Coffee into the dry ingredients into liquid measurements…, you just need to be my Mocha cake... Like making a Swiss meringue without making a meringue, can you make the dolce leche... Like the other frostings ask if she uses your recipe three times since i had some in my fridge this! Tastes delicious, is there a way to make this cake for my daughter ’ s a site use... For something other than chocolate, Cacao Barry, Ghiradelli all make some good ones love them use. It comes out mostly clean motivated to write on my part allowing some to drip down recommend it... And dark brown and light brown sugar.Will that still be just as delicious into batter makes a whole of... Light brown sugar.Will that still be just as delicious had and will be go. A hand mixer will work for two 8-inch pans?????. Fingers crossed it turns out well, HELLO i have to do any ajustments high... Everything in between, until ganache is smooth and silky cake to give it few.