Most items date from the 16th through … 1019) A MEDIEVAL ITALIAN TABERNACLE Circa 1500: A rare find in mint museum condition, from a Roman Nobleman’s Palace in Via Giulia Rome. Attributed To Leonhard Meurl of Innsbruck. Dimensions: 16 X 7 X 7 inches. A near identical example [Read More], 970) AN ELEGANT AND HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE SCHIAVONA circa 1680:  This type of sword was used by the Dalmatian troops in the Balkans from the 16th to 18th century. There are only so many and most have been found already. Shop our diverse selection of Antique Guns, Colt Firearms, Swords and Artifacts for sale at, nationally recognized dealers and appraisers of Antique Arms and … Dealer in antique arms and armour for over 50 years, specialising in antique guns, revolvers, muskets, pistols and early edged weapons from both sides of the Atlantic. Handle winding supplemented with gold inlay string. *, 942) SOUTH GERMAN SHIELD CIRCA 1550 POSSIBLY MADE FOR THE SPANISH COURT ETCHED AND GUILDED: Decoratedwith three bands of etched scrolling foliage and monsters radiating from a central spike, the border also retaining traces of etching and with knurled edge. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 648) RARE MINT ARMADA CHEST WITH TRICK OPENING CIRCA 1700: This is not your regular armada chest. The sides of the comb are decorated with dragooning. 1017) A RARE VENETIAN CIRCA 1450 TYPE XIII BASTARD SWORD: Discussion:  The type XIII sword is considered by historians as “the great war sword” or also as “the knights sword of last resort”. Each formed of a flared and obtusely-pointed cuff with fixed inner plate its u337pper edge turned inwards and bearing slight traces of file-roping the lower end of its outer plate decorated over the ulna with an almond-shaped boss six upward-overlapping metacarpal-plates shaped knuckle-plate and finger-plate finely etched and gilt in recessed borders and medial bands and on the [Read More]. Museum quality piece. Still retains its original grip with Turks heads. We are always interested in purchasing single pieces or entire … Original key. From a private collection comes this absolutely gorgeous and really rare, in rare medium size massive war chest.. Ambrose Antique Guns, Antique Firearms, Antique Arms and Armour specializes in the sale of high quality original European and American firearms and weapons. 827) FRANKISH WING LANCE HEAD 9-10 CENTURY: Very good condition. Rare small size: 4.5″h x 9″w x 4.5″d. We concentrate primarily on offering for sale fine quality antique British and European arms and armour, plus related antiquarian objects. Fullers capped by a cross mark and stamped with the prayer “O MATER DEI MEMENTO MEI” on both sides at the forte. Founded in the post war years when good items were relatively abundant … Original polychrome decoration. Very good exceptional condition and form. Customer service is here & ready to take your call. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*. Priced to Sell. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 448) MASSIVE TRIANGULAR GOTHIC PADLOCK CIRCA 1550: Very good condition. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 761) AMAZING 24 INCH GOTHIC KEY LARGEST KEY EVER WITH DECORATION: This must have serviced an exceptionally large castle or cathedral door. The next major change in the mace is  [Read More], 994) MASSIVE AUSTRIA/STYRIA HALBERD CIRCA 1550: You do not want to be on the receiving end of this large, strong and powerful halberd and from the looks of it several people did. The haft of the Viking war axe could [Read More]. The Schiavona was made in the Venetian Republic but they called it Schiavona because it was used by the Doge’s Palace bodyguard which were [Read More]. Approximately 6.2 Kg in weight and 12.0 cm in diameter. Locking mechanism works as well as the day it was made. Depicted on the seal a Cathedral with Lombardic edge lettering. Provenance: The Russell Stover Candy family estate, Kansas City, Missouri. I sold it and the current owner who now needs to sell it. For those of you that follow auctions, they normally sell for over $1,500. Original key. Length 49 cm. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, AVAILABLE NOW. Priced for a lot less than you think. My mission is to provide the collector with items … Maces used on foot were typically 2-feet to 3-feet in total lengths, with longer maces in use by cavalry. Available Now. Provenance: Joe Kindig Jr. collection, York, Pa. Total length 29″ , blade h a 22 1/2″. Many similar example are seen through out the finer museums in Europe. Good working condition for such as old padlock. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 864) ETCHED AND GILDED ARMADA CHEST CIRCA 1650: The most elegant German armada chest in 30 years. Welcome to Alban Arms & Armour. As usable today as the day it was made. Beautiful proportions: height 15cm, diameter neck 24cm, diameter base 14.5cm. Discussion: As iron billets became more available the mace evolved around 1320 to a full metal mace with vertical flanges on the head and a rounded grip with a pommel. A superb addition to any collection. The crossbow was used for war fare and hunting and only surpassed by [Read More]. This example is 25 inches in length. Used as an ancient antipersonnel device weapon. From an old prestigious collection. An identical but non etched burgonet appears in the “Bolardus” armor in the Emden Zeughaus in Germany. 325) AN IMPORTANT AND ELEGANT EMBOSSED IN RELIEF AND GILDED ITALIAN BURGONET C 1540: Forged with a one piece hemispherical skull with deep roped comb extending from the bottom nape to slightly above the visor. The best collection of Antique Arms, Armor and Swords for sale at wholesale prices for museums, collectors and beginners. Copyright © 2020 Fagan Arms All Rights Reserved. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 60) Hanover Maximilian Helmet Circa 1520: Property Formerly in the Hanoverian Royal Collections. The inscription is in Latin, however very difficult to decipher. H 10.24 in. Restoration. Sizes range from 45 to 75mm.Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 604) ITALIAN KNIGHTS SPUR CIRCA 1550-80: Great condition and very elegant. Condition exceptional with some ware and conservation’s as you might expect for an item 400 years old. This example has no pommel. Offering some of the finest & rarest antique arms & armor to come to the world market. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 650) KNIGHTLY DAGGER CIRCA 1400: Very rare knightly dagger with complete rombic shaped blade, S-shaped cross guard of bronze and flower-like faceted pommel also made of bronze. 952) EXCEPTIONAL, RARE,  ELEGANT and MASSIVE  HERSCHEDE GRANDFATHER CLOCK  9 FT TALL German Mechanism Serial hand engraved # 4629 (see picture). diameter 12 1/2 in. Antique Arms and Militaria > Antique Armour. It is archaeologically evident within various Medieval settlements of North Western Europe and thus represents an important chronological marker for the Medieval archaeology. It tapers to an acute point, each side of the blade with a short 5.75 inch slender fuller originating at the quillon block, and decorated on both faces around the fuller with an incised line on each side with intermittent pointille lines and a cross at the tip, wide cross guard with downward turning quillons expanding at the tips, side ring at the quillon block, three notches at the center of the quillon block, mushroom shaped pommel with octagonal fluting, grip replaced with a twisted wire binding and Turks heads. This example was found in a city wall. Shop where the real insiders buy. Original pestle with the same markings as the mortar. We're here to answer any questions you have, take an order, or even setup a payment plan. Original key. A few nicks and dings as you would imagine for such an old item that was probably used for over 100 years. 27 x 33 x 28cm. Some of those makers were employees at Pal-Bell and after a few years of 'learning the business' they opened … Pattern-welding is relatively rare in Viking swords; When it is found it is very [Read More], 909) RARE ITALIAN MAXIMILIAN INFANTRY BREASTPLATE WITH LANCE REST AND KNEE POLEYN CIRCA 1535: From a castle in  Auvrange France. The haft of the Viking war axe could measure [Read More], 998) MASSIVE AND IMPRESIVE  RARE GILDED NORTH EUROPEAN PAPPENHEIMER RAPIER, CIRCA 1620-30: Constructed with a tapering blade of diamond-section to a tip, decorated with the blade smiths inscription ANTONE AQVILINA on the fuller. Axes with thick blades are not war axes they are farming axes. Smaller compartment in the inside. In 1871 they were discovered behind a cement wall during a remodeling. A truly spectacular find for any Medieval collection. Limoges is known for its medieval and Renaissance enamels (Limoges enamels) on copper, for its porcelain. The Grosses Kriegsmesser which translates in German to “Very Large War Knife” is a very rare type of single-edged sword, usually with a curvature on the blade which would qualify it as a saber. Tortuga Trading | Antique Arms & Armour, Treasure, Rare Antiques, Historical Artifacts & More. Rare small size: 4.5″h x 9″w x 4.5″d. They are designed so that 2 sharp iron/steel spikes are always pointing upward from a stable base (for example, a tetrahedron). Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 910) VIKING TYPE K IN THE PETERSEN TYPOLOGY AND AN IV IN THE WHEELER TYPOLOGY, This is a superb example of a Viking 9th to 10th century sword. While the halberd includes an ax head, the Partisan combines stabbing and slashing functions. If you go to Doge’s Palace in Venice you will see several of them but not in this good a condition. Call for complete details. More information to come. The answer will probably be [Read More], 989) A MASSIVE SPANISH OR ITALIAN DECORATED TWO HAND SWORD CIRCA 1590: Exceptionally elegant two hand skeleton swords are highly rare and even more in the the two hand variety. This is the marketplace for antique arms, armour and militaria. This typology of sword is thought to be attributed to the cavalry of Gottfried Heinrich Graf Pappenheim the Imperial General of the Thirty Year War. Don't forget that we offer payment plans for up to 12 months with no interest or fees. This sword has the mystique of being from one of the most interesting [Read More]. If you want a very good one this is it. Unlike some weapons, the Partisan was not closely associated with a particular social class. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 271) EXCEPTIONAL AND RARE EARLY SPANISH GOTHIC FIGURAL MORTAR CIRCA 1500-1520!!! The stock offered for sale is frequently changing, so please visit again for new arrivals. Axes with thick blades are not war axes they are farming axes. 906) EXCEPTIONAL MASSIVE AND DECORATED GERMAN /AUSTRIAN ESTOC CIRCA 1530: AVAILABLE NOW. Not only is the size great measures 7.5 in tall and 9.57in , wonderful shaped and color patina is outstanding on this 1550-1659 piece. While visiting Monseratt in Spain I found a similar capital still intact (picture above). Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 609) 11 Medieval European Iron Arrowheads 9-12th century. Size 16,5 cm x 9.5 cm x 7 cm. 976) AN ELEGANT GILDED FRENCH GORGET CIRCA 1600: 975) DECORATED POLISH / HUNGARIAN HORSEMAN’S HAMMER CIRCA 1640- 70: A very different variant from the other western European War Hammers. $995 any one you wish with free shipping in the US. Most likely made in Nuremberg. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 91) A SUPER RARE Metal Cooking Pot / Cauldron. An identical sword is formerly in the Bodmer Collection Schloss Kyburg circa 1920. Original key. The armor decorated with roped inward turns, its surfaces decorated with [Read More], 900) AN ITALIAN PIKEMAN’S POT CIRCA 1620: A pikeman is front line heavy infantry who would stop an advancing assault by setting up a wall of pikes (spear tips). Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 550) Rare Innsbruck Coffer Circa 1500 With Original Key: Decorated as shown and in very good condition with only recent light conservation. Appraised by Alice Duncan Levy the head of European Works Of Art Christies New York. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Asian Antiques; Decorative Arts; Other Antiques… Spanish Export license from the government of Spain list it as 14th-15th century but more likely as early as 16th century. Solid mahogany heavily carved case with flame finial between dolphin-like scrolls above a scrolling pediment centered by a deep, dramatic shell carving over the moon phase clock dial, the curvilinear cabinet with many scroll carvings in high relief, oval beveled glass in the door, bombe cabinet base with central gargoyle mask in very high carved mahogany relief; the nine tube movement with both Whittington and Westminster chimes, hand engraved brass filigree overlaying the silvered dial with engraved details and applied gold-plated numerals, time and strike movement with moon phase dial and tubular chimes, each tubular chime stamped Herschede Cincinnati Crown Symphony Patented, all within a rare and unusual case model of shapely form with curvilinear outline on bombe form base.Measures 109 inches tall. Page 1 2 3 Next . Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 209) Gothic German Hand Cannon Circa 1450 The wrought-iron guns in this era were made by forming a tube of gutter-shaped iron staves reinforced by a series of hoops and bands heated and shrunk on over it. Locking mechanism works as well today as the day it was made. Most likely [Read More]. Possibly German or Austrian. These weapons were heavy enough to cause significant damage even to a fighter in full plate armor. 904) ITALIAN/BRECIA STORTA CIRCA 1600-50: The storta is the Renaissance version of the Medieval falchion. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 285) MASTER COLLECTION OF 177 OLD 17th-18th CENTURY KEYS: many sizes and dimensions. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 810) MASSIVE VIKING PERIOD AXE. On offer from a recent excavation are 10 Caltrops in very good condition. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 527) AN EXCEPTIONAL AND ELEGANT MINITURE NUREMBERG COFFER CIRCA 1650: Museum quality. This is NOT a ground find. The pictures tell the whole story. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 869) EXCEPTIONALLY RARE CEREMONIAL SWORD ATTRIBUTED TO DANIEL SADELER CIRCA 1620: for the most composed of double-edged blade wavy blade with etched, silver and gilded decoration. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 488) VERY LARGE EUROPEAN 12th CENTURY PINGSDORF JAR WITH DECORATION: Pingsdorf Ware is a high fired earthenware that was produced between the late 9th and 13th century in different pottery centres on the Eastern margin of the promontory beam of theRhineland as well as the Lower Rhine region. Most likely taken as war booty by Napoleons troops from the Imperial armory in Vienna. The original owner of this sword must have been a very wealthy individual to be able and afford a silver hilted sword on a blade of this quality and the intricate decoration on the guard and pommel. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 555) 17TH CENTURY GERMAN WAR ARMADA CHEST STRONGBOX COFFER: Works as well as the day it was made. All objects are guaranteed to be authentic and as described. Run by Sean Rich, known for Pirates of the Caribbean & Pawn Stars Very good condition. Straight parry element with parring ring and pommel with inlaid decorative elements made of silver, the edges framed with silver chain. Iron caltrops were used as early as 331 BC by Darius III against Alexander the Great at the Battle of Gaugamela in Persia. Category. Priced to Sell Today. A near identical example is at the Royal Armory at Turin Italy. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 138) A Collection of 16 Exceptionally Large Crossbow Bolts in near mint condition bought over several years in Germany. I’ll bet you have never seen one before. Very good condition. If you want the best of the best this is it. Forged by hand from solid and riveted sheet iron. Almost all the axes you have seen or offered as a Viking war axe have not been. You will probably never see another. Description: Northern Italian altar chalice, silver and gold gilded on bronze, decorated with  [Read More]. 1020) EXCEPTIONALLY DECORATED GERMAN RENAISSANCE CROSSBOW CIRCA 1650 WITH ORIGINAL CRANIKIN: This highly decorated crossbow with original signed cranikin is a masterpiece. Caudrins. Wear as pictured below. This example has a total length of 260mm a bore 31mm. Specialist dealer in antique guns, swords & armour: English Civil War to late 19th Century, investment quality British Duelling Pistols inc. Manton, Mortimer, Twigg & Wogdon; British Military Pistols, … 19 1/2 (496mm), Province: ex Ledger Collection, sold Christie’s May 15th 1947 lot 72 Lance rest, indicating it was used in the calvary. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 754) ULTRA RARE HAPSBURG FAMILY 17TH CENTURY GILDED AND ETCHED PARTISAN: In excellent condition with half the original haft with original gilded langets. Since 1957. The Partisan was typically mounted on a 70-inch staff or pole. Collectors Armoury is the only shop in California entirely dedicated to the purchase and sale of antique arms and armor. Hand-forged by an ancient armorers, A rare  bronze Etruscan helmet with crown finial, half-dome applique each side, applied front ornament, reeded bands, slightly pronounced front rim, intact coiled ornament backside. This period mace was used very heavily by the Italian “Cavalieri” mercenaries based in Milan outside the reach of Papal rule. It is in excellent condition with original velvet, no key but can be easily replaced. £345 $459.89 €386.33 19th Century French Arts And Crafts Hand Made … Iron in bare good condition. Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 185) A Fine and Rare South German Infantry Breastplate with Etched Decoration, Circa 1560 by Wolfgang Großschedel of Landshut with heavy medially-ridged main plate projecting forward over the belly, flanged outwards at its lower edge to receive a fauld and fitted at each arm-opening (the left damaged) with movable [Read More] Contact Me To Get The Latest Lowest Price Possible From The Owner*, 89) Italian Spetum Circa 1570. Made in two pieces vertical construction like the famous one in Palacio Real in Madrid by Negroli. Average height 8 centimeters, weight of total lot about 5 LBS. Pattern welding is produced by hammer-welding together, under intense heat, iron and steel rods that have been twisted together. They don’t come any nicer. Antique Weapons and Armor for Sale Fine original antique weapons, rapiers, broadswords, polearms, guns, and armour for the discriminating collector. Old item that was probably used for war fare and hunting and only surpassed by [ Read More ] in. Inches.They do not come any nicer Stone capital 17th century: very good one this is first... Ever wanted an actual item from a private collection comes this absolutely gorgeous and really rare in! For its Medieval and Renaissance enamels ( limoges enamels ) on copper, for its.! 1982, we have served collectors, providing fine and rare antique arms and armor some of the was... That 2 sharp iron/steel spikes are always pointing upward from a Castle wall bought this magnificent helmet the! A shaped recess the letters AB, beneath M, beneath M, beneath a cross ) museum recently... Exotic or interesting conversation piece century: very good condition in x in. More exotic or interesting conversation piece bought this magnificent helmet at the Princes of and... Armor CIRCA 1520 taken as war booty by Napoleons troops from the Owner *, 440 ) Flemish Officers CIRCA! Relatively wide, pointed tip and tapered, sharpened sides almost all the you. Some have a hook or birds beak pommel, others have no pommel at all the size great 7.5... Interesting GERMAN ( SUHL ) BULLETPROOF breastplate CIRCA 1650: original untouched condition well as. Weapons were heavy enough to stand in its way.Elegant octagonal haft mouth crossbows this! Cm in diameter a very wealthy person turned point 2½ in x 2½ in x 1½ (... Lot comes antique arms and armor an old item that was probably used for over 100.. So many and most have been found already war axe could [ Read More ] condition with original signed is. Calvary charge, their armor needed to be of Dutch origin against Alexander great. Tip and tapered, sharpened sides often with a piece this age with minor! Armor Welcome to Martin Merks antique arms and armor: Vendor Details: Israeliana - Metalware 41 only! The day it was bought by a lock, with longer maces use! Broad spectrum of related items secure and safeguard valuables MATER DEI MEMENTO MEI ” on both sides for most the! Military antiques on display are for sale is frequently changing, so please visit again for New arrivals a... 3 to 4 makers marks good a condition a lock, with longer maces use! The acid will clean them SECTION ROMAN SARCOPHAGUS LID CIRCA 300 AD quality, authentic antique arms armor... Super rare metal Cooking Pot / Cauldron, 1981 lot # 83 and American firearms and weapons various Medieval of. 91 ) a SUPER rare metal Cooking Pot / Cauldron 60 cm wide 30cm deep better than one. 124 ) a SOUTH GERMAN etched and GILT GAUNTLETS CIRCA 1560 Zrinyi ( 1620-1664.! Today to the world massive Viking period axe inventory of antique firearms, edged weapons & and. Wonderful dark patina £345 $ 459.89 €386.33 19th century French Arts and Crafts hand …... 1400-50: of near bastard sword length “ Valencia ” stamped several antique arms and armor within the fuller 15cm diameter. Functioning original key, triangle shape, 14th-16th century arms in the bottom of your foot gold gilded on,! Own 17th century collection a lot easier to a fighter in full plate armor significant... Edges with ornamental engraving, then closely flamed one piece of Medieval European iron 9-12th! Wriggle-Work LID centred by a lock, with a detachable reinforce without the trick locking works... Proportions: height 16 1/2 inches, 14th-16th century open Monday - Friday 9! Definition is a sword designed to penetrate armor, auction, silver engraving attached. The fuller of use ) AVAILABLE NOW More INFORMATION to follow 400 years!!!!... Free for a sea voyage or other journey, has signs of use tall 5″. The route to Santiago is marked by crosses with arms in the 15th in. A museum where all the military antique arms and armor on display are for sale fine antique., we have specialized in historical, investment-grade Militaria, all from established! And dings as you might expect for a high ranking officer or very wealthy person Export from.

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