Don't wait for something preventable to happen in your community before taking action. Browse our full line of traffic safety solutions today. Impact Recovery System: In-Street Pedestrian Crossing Sign Meets 2009 MUTCD standard. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Resources, Customer Service Since 1956, we have set the standard for delivering reliable, cutting-edge traffic safety enhancements. Slide 2 At the end of this module, you will be able to: Describe why pedestrian safety and accessibility must be provided in work zones. Call us at 1-800-236-0112 Enhance pedestrian safety with BlinkerBeacon™ Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems. The “green light for all” method may seem most efficient, but nighttime pedestrian safety must come first. FEATURED SOLUTIONS. Increase pedestrian safety on your streets, parking lots and school zones. Add a traffic signal with a green arrow for left turners, providing them with a protected right of way for a short time when pedestrians are not permitted to enter the crosswalk. Ideal for uncontrolled crossings and high-speed and multi-lane roads, RRFBs can be activated via user-actuation or passive detection activation using directional bollards or thermal technology. A pedestrian is struck and killed every two hours in the United States, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA). Post and panel are flexible polyethylene plastic that is resistant to UV light, ozone, and hydrocarbons. At intersections with traffic and pedestrian crossing signals, create a Leading Pedestrian Interval, a short interval for pedestrians to start crossing before motorists’ signal changes to green. NHTSA demonstrates its dedication to promoting safe pedestrian and motorist behavior through our educational material, leadership and expertise to communities across America. To register, please go to the webinar website here . Browse our, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Equipping crossing guards and police officers with proper high-visibility safety apparel as they assist pedestrians crossing dangerous intersections heightens visibility and alerts motorists of pedestrians in the crosswalk. With over a decade in business development, marketing and product management, Robert strives to improve transportation safety through innovation. From our world-renowned line of LED-enhanced BlinkerSign® solutions to our pedestrian crossing products and early detection warning systems, safety is at the heart of all TAPCO innovations. If none of these lighting-related methods work for you, concentrate on minimizing the time pedestrians and motorists interact. They use a flood light to illuminate the approach area of the crosswalk and a beam light to illuminate the middle, ensuring motorists’ can easily see pedestrians. The 7 Best Ways to Improve Nighttime Pedestrian Safety 1. Resources, Customer Service National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA).    |    With over a decade in business development, marketing and product management, Robert strives to improve transportation safety through innovation. If static signs – no matter how reflective – … As an industry-leading innovator, TAPCO manufactures, services and distributes a wide portfolio of traffic and parking safety solutions designed to increase safe travels for all. Fortunately, there are more innovative, life-saving steps you can take to drastically improve nighttime pedestrian safety. The pedestrian traffic will be measured (e.g., the number of … Be sure to look for one with minimal glare and a 20 LUX minimum – as recommended by the FHWA – that can be retrofitted if necessary. Customer Service. Learn More. Products Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Illuminators are especially great for increasing pedestrian visibility at night in frequently visited areas, such as transportation stops, libraries, parks and shopping areas. Imagine this: It’s just past dusk and the streets are quiet as you head home from a late meeting, driving on a road you’ve taken countless times. Eliminating street parking may cause community pushback in highly trafficked areas, so if road parking space is at a premium, options three through five may be right for you. Look into solutions like raised crosswalks, road diets, pedestrian crossing islands and curb extensions. Replace those signs with ones using highly reflective, durable, micro-prismatic lens sheeting with pressure-sensitive adhesive. Clearly, pedestrian safety requires a multi-pronged approach that combines smart and inclusive road design, effective enforcement of traffic regulations, prompt post-crash response, and improved road safety education. He is a pedestrian safety solutions expert who especially enjoys working with the TAPCO family to develop lifesaving products and solutions, such as the SafeWalk® Crosswalk Illuminator. If there isn't a clear path for pedestrians to cross the street, jaywalking through oncoming traffic will become the norm and pedestrian safety will inherently decrease. ; Describe how pedestrians should be considered and provided for during the development and implementation of the traffic control plan. Growth in urban populations, combined with more cars, trucks and public transport vehicles (e.g. With the LEDs, the signs are much easier to see, particularly at night and during adverse weather conditions, such as fog and heavy rain. Solutions, Resources If you're not familiar with these changes, check out this Safe Travels blog post to learn more! © 2021 TAPCO - Traffic and Parking Control Co., Inc. Which means some of the proven pedestrian safety improvements – Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFBs), LED-Enhanced Signs and Beacons, for example – aren’t always fiscally practical. Then, consult with other experts to determine what makes the most sense for the problem area’s unique challenges. Our lighting solution helps cities, traffic safety professionals and engineers to improve road safety and reduces fatalities by creating a safer environment for pedestrians and drivers. The responsibility of improving pedestrian safety falls on the shoulders of local governments and transportation officials who must foresee potential problem spots and implement the right safety solutions. Identify the right nighttime pedestrian safety solutions for the right places in your community by doing your research and working with reputable providers — so no one else becomes a statistic. For added protection, install a “No Turn On Red” sign as well so motorists are less likely to enter crosswalks while slower pedestrians still occupy them. These energy- efficient luminaires’ high- visibility LEDs enhance safety and security. Left turns are the cause of most intersection-related accidents, according to the NHTSA, even outnumbering right turn crashes in heavily congested city streets.

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