You don't sleep much, you're not home much, and I've pretty much trained myself to thrive on 2 hours of sleep, dip, rip-its, and anger, but we get a blue that's nice. All around great guy that I'd love to see make General. Veteran officers have two big advantages in the job market: a college degree and proven management experience. Over 2 years. 3) The pen used by the military meets 16 pages of military specs. Job Prospects After Service . Would you trade the pencil whipping magic of /u/Citisol for the sexy blue cord of /u/ReptarsSingleDaddy? You run the Commo shop for that unit and are responsible to ensuring that your shop provides communications for whatever unit you're assigned to. Actual reseller pricing and savings may vary. According to the Army, who’s fault is it? The best officer I've seen so far is a COL I work with occasionally. Military Officers' duties vary, depending on their rank, but their major objective is to excel both physically and mentally in a situation that puts them under pressure. Some of them are less obvious than the others. Send two HMMWVs back here with 22 fuel cans and get your fuel," or "Hell, no, I'm not sending a 2000 gallon water tank to support a range for 20 people. Army General Service Officers are allocated to specific roles shortly before graduation from the Royal Military College - Duntroon. No good times in the Army come without shit sucking. "They're all 'my guys.'" If your bosses boss likes you, your boss has to give you a good rating right? An O-1 that has just commissioned will get $2,876.40. breh, the feels on all of what you said. Hey, the adults are talking. The officer might get a slap on the wrist, but in the end it is usually not made into a huge deal. Below is a listing of the Branches and F… r/Military: The largest military subreddit on reddit. If you give a shit, you've already answered 50% of the question on the spot. If you’re incompetent, no amount of political savvy will get you ahead. No, I am not coming to your meeting because I actually have a job to do in the OR and no I can't leave for any reason. If you actually like working and doing your job then this is way to go. So how is it? save. The foundation of Logistics is leveraging assets versus requirements, and the language is dimensional analysis: given a Soldier eats 3 MREs in a day, there are 12 MREs to a case, 36 cases to a pallet, 8 pallets to a flatrack, two flatracks to a PLS system, how many systems do you need to feed 3200 Soldiers for one day? Commissioned officers generally enter the Military with a four-year college degree or greater. 5 5 55. comments. Learn how to join the military as a U.S. Army Officer and the differences between an active duty and Army Reserve officer at EDIT: Soldiers in Log units are the salt of the earth, though. The remaining 17 percent are officers—leaders of the military who manage both activities and enlisted personnel.Enlisted personnel typically do the following: 1. 9 1 1 119. comments. Basically be the biggest brown noser you can be to further your career. Common sense would dictate that its your Soldiers fault. They are the leaders and managers of the Army, working at the middle and executive management level. The worst most commissioned officers can expect if they screw up is an ass chewing. Your question specifically asked about a “Navy Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander” transferring into “the Marines or the Army.” I can answer this question re the Marine Corps, and the answer is probably NOT, except under very specific circumstances. Platoon leadership lasts anywhere from 12-18 months typically. Veteran officers have two big advantages in the job market: a college degree and proven management experience. And you know what? You get paid better! LG is a good mix of outdoors, sweating and convoy ops to sweet gigs across the world. m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) A retired officer who served in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force celebrated his 100th birthday today. Ok, I'll bite since I got a name drop. Promotions to O-7 and Above . Overall, a career as an Officer will provide you with steady pay and leadership skills, desirable by civilian employers everywhere. Hot New Top Rising. Then I remember it is not 1884. Job Prospects After Service . Im right there with on your the whole "logistics just happens" bit. AMA Info. O-2. Haven't seen this asked around here and it's about time you poor things get some attention. To me, the guy who immediately judges me based on my branch challenges me to be my best all the time... and I always deliver. I always hope for an adjutant like you when I get to a unit. Press J to jump to the feed. O-5. As the managers of the Army, officers are in charge of leading enlisted soldiers into battle and protecting them from unnecessary harm while taking on responsibility for completing the mission at hand. O-4. If you want more information on what it is like to be an officer, and what it takes to be one you might want to take a look at The Armed Forces Officer. Hot. ga('send', 'pageview'); Deeply rewarding work, even with all the powerpoint it requires. Edit: Holy shit guys it's 4am, the power just went out in my TOC, and I'm alone. //